Our Services

Rogaland Parking AS is a locally owned parking company which operates private parking lots. The company's staff has many years of experience in parking!

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About us

Rogaland Parkering AS was established on January 8, 2009, and is fully owned by Stavanger Parkeringsselskap KF. The purpose of the company is to operate private parking facilities and parking lots. Our offices can be found at St. Olav in central Stavanger.

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Parking Lots

Rogaland Parkering AS operates more than 4300 parking spaces at various locations in Stavanger. The company operates 15 to 400 different types of facilities.

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Pay by Phone

Anyone with a smart phone can download the app from Easy Park. Through the app you can make payments for all Rogaland parkering machines. Available in iTunes and Android.

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  • Forus travbane
    • Vidar Grundetjern: «We considered several providers when we were choosing a partner for parking services. We mainly considered simplicity, service and last but not least, the strength of a publicly owned company! We know we made the right decision with Rogaland Parkering AS. Their service degree is impeccable and both parties are very satisfied.
  • Westco AS
    • Årstein Erøy: Rogaland Parking has hosted Torgveien Parking for us since the year 2009. They were chosen because they are a major, local and serious player. The cooperation has been very good, and they will be awarded parking management on another of our properties in the near future.
  • Rugland Invest
    • Anne Kristine Rugland: We chose Rogaland Parkering AS to operate the parking lot, because of the good cooperation we have had to date - we wanted to continue this. We like that Rogaland Parkering AS is owned by Stavanger Parkeringsselskap KF / Stavanger Municipality, which is responsible for operation of municipal and public parks. It is never wrong to support the operation of the municipality in which we live and work.


360 parking bays at the Clarion Hotel Air by Stavanger Airport

Excellent for travelers as prices are lower than Apcoa Parkering at Stavanger Airport. Can also be used by people visiting Sola beach in the summer. There are 3 indoor payment …

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Torgveien Parking hall

100 parking bays for pay and display 2 payment machines NOK 12,- per hour 08:00-22:00 NOK 4,- per hour 22:00 and 08:00 Lift and stairs to Eye, Dentist, and other …

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Tou Parking hall

Charge per unlimited Parking card: NOK 12 000,- per year without reserved parking bay. Not guaranteed available parking bay. NOK 15 000 per year in reserved parking bay on upper …

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