About us

Rogaland Parkering AS was established on January 8, 2009, and is fully owned by Stavanger Parkeringsselskap KF. The purpose of the company is to operate private parking facilities and parking lots. Our offices can be found at St. Olav in central Stavanger.

Rogaland Parkering AS is also working to ensure that private landowners in Stavanger comply with the adopted parking policy of the City Council. The company empowers it’s partners by connecting their services with the needs / wants provided by the parking policy.

Rogaland Parkering AS should be considered as a serious service provider. The Company may not enter into short-term agreements, nor agreements that may be in violation of the Code of Conduct ( “Our values”) that apply to the industry.

The primary interests of Stavanger Parkeringsselskap KF through Rogaland Parkering AS relates to:

  • The company as a serious player in the competitive market with Stavanger’s parking policy as a guideline.
  • The company operating it’s business with earnings and providing financial contributions to it’s owner.