Challenge a parking fine

You may challenge a parking fine or a control sanction if there is motion for it in the parking regulations.

Stavanger Parkeringsselskap works to provide good accessibility and safe conditions for all transport users. Thus it happens that we have to impose fees or control sanctions.

  • Violation of parking regulations will be a charged with a fee of kr. 900,-
  • Violations of fee- or term based parking will be charged a control sanction of either kr. 300,- or kr. 600,-

Who can complain

The fine or control sanction contains all the information you need to pay it. As the owner or the driver you have the right to complain on a fine, a control sanction or a two-away if you feel either of these are imposed incorrectly. In addition, you can apply for remission of “special reasons” as it says in the rules. However, please note that the payment deadline must be adhered to, even if you complain.

Driver’s duties

As a driver, you are obliged to have knowledge of parking regulations (Road Traffic Act, traffic rules and signs Regulations). The driver also has a strict duty of care, and to observe the signs set up in the area.

Complaint deadline

You must appeal within three weeks after receiving the imposition. The appeal deadline may only be processed after this deadline if you can not be blamed for the delay, or for particularly special reasons it is deemed reasonable.

Here is a list of common “excuses” that normally would never work:

  • Every parking space was filled and I couldn’t find any other.
  • I entered the wrong registration number.
  • I went to get some change.
  • I forgot to place my parking ticket.
  • I was only gone for 2 minutes.
  • I believed I had parked correctly.
  • I thought I didn’t need to pay on a parking meter because I have a regional parking pass in that region.
  • The doctor/dentist/meeting took longer than expected.
  • A friend borrowed my car and he promised to pay.

How to complain

The complaint can be registered electronically here. (in norwegian only)

Written complaints can be sent to:
Rogaland  Parkering AS
St. Olavs gate 6, 4005 Stavanger.

REMEMBER: Full name, address, phone number, the number on the fine/control sanction and license plate number. 
Pictures, copies of the parking tickets, ect are appreciated.