• Forus travbane
    • Vidar Grundetjern:
      «We considered several providers when we were choosing a partner for parking services. We mainly considered simplicity, service and last but not least, the strength of a publicly owned company! We know we made the right decision with Rogaland Parkering AS. Their service degree is impeccable and both parties are very satisfied.
  • Westco AS
    • Årstein Erøy:
      Rogaland Parking has hosted Torgveien Parking for us since the year 2009. They were chosen because they are a major, local and serious player. The cooperation has been very good, and they will be awarded parking management on another of our properties in the near future.
  • Rugland Invest
    • Anne Kristine Rugland:
      We chose Rogaland Parkering AS to operate the parking lot, because of the good cooperation we have had to date – we wanted to continue this.
      We like that Rogaland Parkering AS is owned by Stavanger Parkeringsselskap KF / Stavanger Municipality, which is responsible for operation of municipal and public parks. It is never wrong to support the operation of the municipality in which we live and work.